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LED Moving Wash fixture lighting source adopt RGB three primary colors those have abundant color, save energy, no ultraviolet´╝îno radiation and long lifespan. Compare with the traditional moving wash, led products will be compact profile, light, small and easy transportation. So far, there are many wash products in the market, but better one is seldom. Wash fixture have high quality, high requirement and high standard on RGB color wave length and fluorescent powder. AZCOLOR LITE LED lighting source 90% adopt international brand, e.g. OSRAM, CREE, Mitsubishi fluorescent powder and so on to ensure the ideal final effect for any live. Of course, the moving wash stress on heat sink, quiet or not, and the color mixing effect, decide the fixture can enter the high-end stage or not. e.g. church, concert, TV studio and so on. Regarding the color mixing, we need consider the primary and secondary optical system suitable or not, it will directly influent the fixture output lux. On Software, dimming soft, no shake, linear feeling or not, 8bit or 16bit have a big different. So experts know how to judge better one, you get what you pay for.